100 Natural Health Remedies

Why Consider Natural Health Remedies To Cure Ailments?

Mainstream doctors and scientists often have strong opinions about the use of natural health remedies to cure or help alleviate many common health problems.

Unfortunately, they tend to forget where some of the prescription medicines currently being used, came from. Researchers spent thousands of hours going to remote areas like the Amazon jungle to find plants with medicinal properties.

Those findings were used to create some of the pharmaceutical drugs instead of the natural health remedies for which they were originally used.

Every country has a long history of civilization and their individual natural health remedies and methods, concerning how to deal with illness, developed after time. In North America, the native Indians used sage, american ginseng and willow bark as medicine. In China, cat’s claw was used for high blood pressure and in India, the use of turmeric was key in fighting inflammation in the body.

It is hoped that one day, traditional North American medicine and ancient natural health remedies will find a common meeting ground as it is key to the health of all.

While exploring the use of natural herbs and spices, one does have to be cautious as there may be those who are not entirely interested in their health. These people or clinics could be involved in practices that are based more on the money that can be made, than the actual healing.

Investigating natural health remedies and methods takes common sense and the use of one’s own research to ensure that no harm is caused. With that in mind, it is best to think about whether the general practitioner should also be consulted.

For example, if a person is already prescribed a drug to combat an issue, it is best to check and see if a particular spice or herb, may cause an adverse reaction.

The role of natural health remedies solutions is to provide an overall healing to the body and the mind. With that said, the material covered in this section has been carefully researched and the best solutions presented in concise form.


Natural Health Remedies – Disclaimer

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Please read the articles carefully and take note of all the ingredients listed. If you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, that may be contained in the products, natural food or drink, ask your doctor of any possible short or long term affects.

Even natural ingredients may cause sensitivities. Each person is different, and since you may or may not have ingested a particular food or drink or used a particular topical remedy, we cannot guarantee you will not get a reaction or irritation.

People with severe allergies should be diligent. If it is possible you may have any type of anaphylactic-type reactions to any of the ingredients, do not consume them.

The authors of this material are not liable for any medical situations that may arise, as the disclaimer clearly states caution and self-responsibility.